The story of athomewithsimone, sprung from a meeting with my kindergarten friend Joanne, somewhere in March 2018. We were casually brunching at House of AnLi ( if you know of it – it’s a relatively cosy bistrot, filled with plenty of natural light and feels – they too, sell plenty of pretty European decor, styling and interior pieces ) and I can’t recall how the conversation led to me wanting to set something up and do something creative solely for myself. So that very night, I created an Instagram handle, did the logo and sent it across to her and the rest was history really.

It was not long after when I googled House of AnLi to make another reservation for brunch, that I chanced upon one of their tag lines, “Furnish your space with warmth, harmony and personality. Take your dreams. Be inspired. Live beautifully.”

It was everything I set out to do really. To take my dreams, whatever i loved best and to stretch and grow my ideas. To be inspired by others and yet inspire others and last but not least, to fundamentally – live beautifully, because life is transitory and fleeting.

athomewithsimone is an outlet for me to capture the heart of the home – or more correctly – to capture my home. In which is to share in love, to pass on the recipes that binds us at the dining table, to marry art with lifestyle and to build upon what carries value and blissful sustenance.


“Bloom beautifully, dangerously, loudly, bloom softly, however you need, just bloom” –

Milk & Honey, Rupi Kaur


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