Chicken Stew Pot Pie

It’s pie night in home. I made a whole big pot of stew and turned the extras into pie. There are dishes from home that conjure up so much nostalgia, and this is one of such binding dishes.

I remember vividly, slurping up every last drop of gravy. Mum use to make pie and serve it up with a huge pot of stew gravy. This stew recipe requires prep work, it requires you to pre-fry all the ingredients in advance, this seals and brings out great flavour when it all of the ingredients comes together – try not to skip this step.

I’ve adapted this recipe from an heirloom recipe of my Nanny’s (Eurasian style) There are tips attached to the method. Try it, enjoy it and make it yours, I hope this becomes a go to for your own homey pot pie or stew. The stew is nice with rice and even sambal balachan chilli!



– 450-500ml chicken stock, from 200g chicken bones
– 500g deboned chicken leg, cut into chunk
– 3 medium sized carrots, cut into pieces
– 2 stalks of celery, cut into pieces
– 1 white onion, cut into wedges
– 4 potatoes, cut into wedges
– 200g cocktail sausages
– 100g streaky bacon, cut into pieces
– 3 medium sized eggs, boiled and cut into halves
– 70g green peas
– 30g panko crumbs / No: 688, bread crumbs from scoop wholefoods
– 2 tspn, cornstarch, mixed with 3 tspn hot water
– 4 bay leaves
– 1 tspn salt
– 1 tspn mixed spices
– sprinkle of dried rosemary herb

(with pie crust)

– 1 packet of Borg, puff pastry
– egg yolk wash ( 1 egg yolk +
– 10 melted butter


• Bring chicken bones to boil, strain to get clear stock.
•Oil large fry pan, pre fry bacon, onions, carrots, potatoes, chicken, sausages, then set aside.
• Once ready, in a large pot, add all pre fried ingredients, add chicken stock, peas, celery and bring to boil.
• Gradually season with mixed spices, bay leaves, rosemary as you continuously stir stew.
• Finally, add salt and cornstarch let it simmer slowly. You can choose to slow cook it for 1 hour on the stove or transfer into rice cooker / slow cooker.
• Once stew is ready, serve up. Or make into pie.
• In a ceramic dish, or pie dish, spoon out stew with less gravy,
then roll out 2-3 Borg puff pastry sheets.
• Cover with puff pastry, brush with simple egg yolk wash and butter and let bake for 20-25mins at 200°c till golden brown.


Roll pastry and seal pie, with a base layer. Next, roll out layer 2, this will be your main layer.  Then, roll out a thin 1cm width pastry for the sides. Use fork to make imprints, get creative! Enjoy! 

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