Sushi Delivery

There aren’t many days, I don’t spend brooding over Japanese cuisine. I love Japanese food, the variety of it all… I adore chunky slices of fresh sashimi, cold cha soba, crispy tonkatsu, tempura…the list goes on. And being synonymous with ‘healthy/healthier food’, Japanese cuisine is definitely high up the ladder whenever i need to tick the boxes of [ light ] and [ satisfying meal ].

I discovered Sushi Delivery through Best in Singapore, a Singapore-based media publication that help people find the best things Singapore has to offer. To my pleasant surprise, Sushi Delivery delivers Japanese food under 1 hour! I must say that it can be quite a challenge whenever I flick through delivery apps, only to find ‘that few’ sushi restaurants to order from and… it’s also difficult to find just 1 restaurant that serves up the breadth of variety i.e, bento to sashimi.

So I ordered a couple of items and sat and waited and yep – under an hour, the food came and i was ready to dig in!

I was most pleased with their cream cheese Salmon Aburi $16.90- that came out top and resonated with me. The grilled unagi (eel), crunchy Japanese cucumber, wrapped in nori and sushi rice with seared aburi salmon slices, parmesan cheese, mentaiko and black tobiko was delicious!! Their creamy Avocado Maki $10.90 was pretty good as well, topped generously with lots of tobiko. I got to say that their makis really impressed me, ingredients were fresh too!

I did try one of their Bento sets – the Salmon Terayaki Bento, the portion was pretty generous for $12.90, however fish was slightly tough, which was a slight let down since i had high hopes, maybe i should have gone their Chicken Katsu! I would definitely try that next!

Have you tried Sushi Delivery? What are your favourite Japanese delivery haunts? Do let me know which is your favourite pick from Sushi Delivery! Follow Best in Singapore for more details on where to get the best Sushi delivered to your doorstep. “Top 5 Best online Sushi Delivery Services in Singapore 2020

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