Fruits Galore

Fruits play an intergral part to my daily life and health. Ever since young, we would often have a huge serving of fruit either before/after dinner. I’m quite glad that my own son has taken to the habit of asking for fruits after dinner; we all know the importance of a fiber rich diet!

We haven’t been out much since the entire COVID saga, so chancing upon The Fruit Hut has made fruit online ordering a breeeze! I opted for their fruit platter as well as some apples, red blush pears, jumbo blueberries, lemons and pomegranates. Oh those blueberries were huge!

This wasn’t my first time ordering fruits online, so I was really impressed with how thoughtfully well packed their fruits were. They came in a box with crepe paper at the bottom. I really appreciated how everything was nicely spaced out (to avoid being squished). Their pomegranates were individually cling wrapped! Usually, my online fruit orders get carelessly thrown into a huge red tacky plastic bag – and that’s that.

Fruits were fresh and tasty too! I was actually honestly glad I chanced upon them and would make repurchase! I recommend you do too. The platter will be great for small parties as well. We thoroughly enjoyed their platter – the best was the grapes – so very huge and sweet! We legitimately couldn’t stop raving!

Really happy to chance upon the The Fruit Hut via Best in Singapore. They also provide 2 hour delivery service and from my first experience with them, I can tell they do play plenty of attention to picking out the best quality of fruits for their customers. They even have a replacement policy? “Not satisfied with the fruit you receive? We’ll give you a full replacement!” Need I say more?

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